Would you squeeze your feet into a size 4 shoe if you were a 7? No, of course not. But, did you know that 80% are women are wearing the wrong bra size?

Wearing a well fitted bra can change the way you feel and look, not to mention the health benefits. Nothing beats visiting us for a bra fitting but if that just isn’t possible, you can watch this video to help get a good fit.

It's a feeling!

We have found that if you take a number of different ladies who have identical under and over bust measurements – the bra that actually fits them is often different. This is why we advise you should think more about how your bra feels and looks rather than get hung up on a measurement. Measuring is only a guide – it’s about how you feel in your bra!

That's why here, we offer what we call a 'fitting service' rather than just a bog standard 'measuring service'. Pop along and see the difference in the service you will receive.

We're all different

Size, shape & weight are all important factors that can affect what bra size you wear. Some ladies are fuller at the top of their breasts, whilst others are fuller around the sides. Some ladies have had children and breast fed therefore tend to find that their breasts are more relaxed than they once were.

Our job as bra fitters is to find the best size and style for your boobs. You have to feel comfortable all day long in your bra, get the best shape and, of course, the best support possible.

Check yourself out

We find the easiest thing to do is stand in front of the mirror and assess yourself in the bra size you are currently wearing. You can tell if your boobs are popping out or if it’s riding up at the back! This is very common.

Bra Fitting Guide

Let us help you

If you feel totally overwhelmed about what bra size you are then please visit us at The Little Bra Shop in Market Harborough, or feel free to email or call us - we’ll be only too happy to offer any advice we can.

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